About me

A little background info on me

My name is Victor and I'm a second year undergraduate student studying for a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. I specialise mainly as a backend developer. Python is my go to programming language and it's what I've employed with this project. Artificial intelligence and Natural Language Processing are areas that interest me the most. I'm an avid PC Gamer and music lover. Feel free to Contact me.

About Slick

Slick started out as a project name for a service I was working on. Slick was meant to enable someone to send messages from Whatsapp to Telegram and vice versa. I hit a roadblock due to whatsapp's stance against using third-party apis. I didn't want to invest time in it if I'd constantly be implementing features to avoid having my numbers blocked. So, now Slick acts as the project name for a family of messaging bots I'm introducing. Each bot will operate in Telegram, Twitter, Slack and Facebook messenger. The first one will soon launch into private beta. Send me a message if you'd like to participate.

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